Different locations, therefore different needs, should result in creative and effective signage. This  important outdoor marketing happens even before a location has a tenant. Professional signs describing the property and the contact information in a highly visible way is worth its weight in gold to a real estate developer or agent. Double sided or v shaped signs are almost a must to get proper viewing from all sides. These are usually installed on poles at optimum height for the particular situation and county or city codes. Poles also allow signs to be level even on a hillside.


Once there is a business occupant, a main logo sign is a priority, but this does not fully complete most exterior business property needs. A cabinet sign displays necessary information that the name and logo do not imply or may hold directional arrows, address numbers, etc. Can signs can be placed on their own on the side of a building in a wide range of sizes and colors, or a small one could be tucked into a space where other signs would not be effective, especially because they can easily contain LED lights.


Mosaic Monument  Additional outdoor signage may come in many forms and made up of many different materials. Some may come as an attachment or addition to the main sign, usually in the form of a can sign. these can signs  Monument or pylon signs are the next most popular, especially if you have a large property or are a part of a multi tenant center. They usually sit at the main entrance drive, tall enough to be seen from a distance in traffic, or majestically sitting aside the main driveway welcoming customers and identifying the company or location.


Secondary signs can ensure that your location won’t be passed by, sending customers to circle the property in a frustrating search. It may also draw attention to a passerby, alerting them to your business’ location or service. Banners and flags are a good “second tier” outdoor marketing options. The movement inherent in these signs catches the eye unlike stationary or stagnant signs. They can also add color and atmosphere to your location in a big way. Flags and banners can easily be changed out with the seasons, special events or promotions.

Think about adding another layer to your exterior business signs and see the attention you create. Call Premier Signs of Tampa at 813-914-7006 or email to info@premiersignsfl.com., and get started!