Worn out signs at Freedom High School of Tampa were replaced just in time for the new year. Previous outdoor signs had rusted and pealed so they reached out to Premier Signs of Tampa who has helped many Hillsborough County Schools with their signage. outdoor signs, especially in Florida’s hot weather, take a beating, so with that in mind Premier Signs helped design, produce and install signs made of a special, durable material custom printed for each space. The cost effective transformation was immediate and amazing. Here are some examples of the before and after spaces, donning new exterior buildings signs of contrasting white backgrounds and black letters. Now the metal insert spanning the brick entrance opening, is once again a clean professional and decorative addition to the school’s architecture.

Other exterior spaces around the outside of the school added new signs to better identify and direct students, staff and visitors to the proper building entrance, in hopes of making the building more user friendly. Some even include directional arrows. These signs are made up of either the previously mentioned printed material, only installed directly on the building’s exterior wall, or white vinyl letters that are attached directly to the window transoms above the door, like the Student Affairs office shown here:


Additionally, an interior sign was installed that proudly display the school’s name and mascot, for all to see, upon entering the school’s main office. This large soffit wall spans the entire room, so large white vinyl letters, matching the text style of the Freedom High School logo, were precision cut to fill the space on the freshly painted blue background. Simple, budget conscious, but a big atmosphere and morale enhancer. These improvements continue to show the school district’s commitment to their students. Working within their budget, and having a large property, these schools know the importance of finding the right sign experts to provide the signs they need. That’s why time and time again elementary schools, high schools and Tampa area colleges, comeback to Premier Signs of Tampa with their needs.

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