Large companies, industrial sites and school campuses have a lot of ground to cover…literally.  So, when Wharton High School of Tampa decided their campus could use some signs, they came to Premier Signs of Tampa to help with the “how big?” and “how many?” questions first. Once that was decided, the creative process began and the signs were completed.

Multiple mediums were used, from unique wall signs, framed printed banners, wall and stair graphics, to acrylic or vinyl letters. The results were beautiful custom color signs of many sizes and materials, for each different outdoor space. Just because the signs were manufactured doesn’t mean that Premier Signs job was done. The next step was the all important installation of each custom piece.

Acrylic letters were installed by drilling into the exterior of the walls directly above several key entrances. The letters were then installed by means of pegs screwed to each letter and inserted in the wall holes. Other school entrances that had window transoms above them were denoted by white vinyl letters applied directly to the glass. These two simple, professional letter choices not only add color and interest to the school building’s exterior, but eliminate confusion for students, parents and visitors who are seeking a particular office.


The mural and letter signs were closer to the ground, so a ladder and rolling scaffold were the installation tools for these jobs, while higher wall installations needed other means. Framed posters flanking the outdoor elevator needed a mechanical lift since they were positioned 25′ above the courtyard. These full color depictions of the Wharton Wildcat are in snap in frames to allow them to be changed out for special school events. These posters look out across the stairwell area to the other large Wildcat wall sign that was also placed high off the ground. This colorful, animated depiction of the Wharton logo is an aluminum backed graphic that is stuck onto the wall, gently pressed into the rough wall surface to adhere. The same sign material and installation was used for the outdoor stair graphic. This material is durable, but removeable, and is also a cost effective alternative for large spaces, especially when the surfaces are rough.

Wharton has done a lot to get ready for business. They are now in the process of continuing their custom signage for their lobby and other indoor spaces. The transformation to the exterior areas is huge and they are ready to do the same inside. Call Premier Signs of Tampa to get transformative results for your school, restaurant, or office building at 813-914-7006, or email questions to