Creating an environment for learning is what every school hopes for, but Wharton High School of Tampa is taking that to heart. Just like any business, their working and learning environment, needs to foster individual productivity, overall creativity, boost morale, and nurture an atmosphere of teamwork. Blank walls do not do that, so they are collaborating with Premier Signs to change it.

Like many schools and large businesses, they have large expanses of continuous wall. Filling strategic spaces with large colorful signage is an opportunity to change the tone of each space, from dull concrete walls to lively spirit inspiring ones.  Starting with the outside courtyard area, that holds the sea of lockers, they set out to create colorful surroundings with a custom painted wall mural. A dimensional rendering of the school’s name now greets the students as they congregate before and after classes. The blue and white “Wharton Wildcats” mural, not only livens up this area, but reinforces that they are all part of something bigger, all part of the Wildcat family. Pride in belonging enhances self esteem while helping to bring all types of students together for a common purpose. Other graphic murals around the campus will serve to reinforce this concept.

Graphic murals are just one stage of the overall multi level sign design. Beautiful digital print framed posters have been installed on two sides of the exterior walls of the elevator that sits at one end of the courtyard. Both of the frames have the ability to snap open to easily change out posters for special occasions and events. These two initial posters display the wildcat mascot logo in high definition and brilliant color that comes from the digital printing process. Students will be able to look forward to the special events posters for homecoming, big sports rivalries, and upcoming major school activities and developments. This area now has a exciting, new purpose.

A needed burst of color, in the form of the wildcat mascot, was also provided by outdoor durable aluminum backed graphics, that were adhered to both a set of stairs and some outside walls. These floor and wall graphics are cost effective, easily installed and long lasting. Font and color selection is vast so your unique mascot or words of inspiration are easily created. Because this sign material is malleable, it adheres to smooth or rough surfaces. The stairs are at the same end of the courtyard and adjacent to the elevator, and one of the wall decals is on an opposite wall.  Altogether they provide an eye catching, spirit enhancing, outdoor space, that previously was a bunch of bare, grey, cement walls.

Another popular sign medium is also being employed at Wharton, acrylic letters. These lightweight, acrylic letters are attached to the outer walls by pegs, providing some dimension, and the appearance of a much heavier sign. It is popular because of its range of options,(a wide range of sizes, colors and text styles) adding to its versatility by being able to provide a completely different look, if necessary, at each location. Keeping one or more of the options consistent, like Wharton did, makes the overall look uniform and professional. Lightweight, yet durable, these letters can be easily installed even at high wall heights and in large sizes.  High installations and varying size letters, especially in contrasting colors to the background wall, make them highly visible from a distance. That is why they were the perfect choice for designating the different purposes for each entrance of the high school.

These four sign mediums: murals, posters, stair and wall decals, and acrylic letters, are an effective manner of revamping the exterior look and atmosphere of Wharton High School. They are helping Wharton go in the direction they want for their future, with more to come.

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