Changing out old signage, for new, inspires more changes at Refresco Beverage in Tampa. It’s like putting a fresh coat of paint on only one wall. You can truly see what a difference having new signs makes. Recently, The Refresco Company got a new name and logo, along with their location, so they started with name signs for the exterior of the building, in the form of large custom channel letters.  Premier Signs of Tampa created and installed these LED signs high on their exterior walls and installed a colorful double cabinet sign at the entrance to their property. It was a great start.

It didn’t take long to realize that additional property signs were needed to inform and direct customers and drivers, and reinforce their brand. So, they came back to Premier Signs to furnish the necessary signs. Outside their fence, on the corner of their property, a large aluminum backed white sign, with their colorful logo and tag line, was placed raised on poles for optimum viewing from the road. It now informs visitors in advance that they are approaching the property and that the entrance is not far off.  Similar aluminum backed signs were placed at locations attached on the exterior of the perimeter fence. These guide all to the main office. The including of arrows on these signs takes the guess work out of the correct direction of travel. All these signs are highly durable for outdoor placement and adaptable to all these forms of installation, and more. Making this medium a very versatile, yet cost effective one. Including their name and custom curve on each of these property signs also lets passersby and prospective clients know where they are located for future dealings.

Another use and installation method was used above the shipping and receiving dock. This sign identifies the dock and clarifies the space’s purpose. The sign was attached directly to the overhang of the exterior roof of the building. Individually, each one of these signs is unique and very important to the everyday workings of this business.  Maintaining a consistent color scheme, especially one that contains high contrasting colors, for clear, concise reading, not only ensures that all of the signs are doing their job but, gives a cohesive look to the business property. Refresco’s exterior building and property is really taking shape, thanks, in part, to their addition of these beautiful and professional signs. Acknowledging this, they have begun to look inside. Here is a sneak peak at their first interior sign addition, a double sided fabric retractable sign that can be displayed in their lobby or, since it’s portable, any other location.

Become a satisfied customer like Refresco, and if your company is in the market to update one sign, or many, call 813-914-7006 or email for all your signage needs.