Many business hours go into the creation and designing of your company’s logos, tag lines, custom symbols and colors. This is all done in hopes of enhanced branding and representing your business in a way that is unique and easily recognized. Making good signage to display these all important identifiers and potential business marketing boosters is a must. How do you achieve this? Start out by seeking the right person for the job, just like you do with your staff. The help of experts in the sign industry, like those at Premier Signs of Tampa, is invaluable. Do it right the first time with collaboration and guidance that can spare you unnecessary mistakes.

Start with the basics. Different sign materials are better suited for different jobs. Some are inherently better for outside applications, or temporary installations, while others work equally as well, inside or out. Consider lighting your sign, for maximum viewing, inside or out, but know that there are situations where LED lighting is essential, like dimly lit areas of town and backlots, or  to ensure 24/7 and distance viewing. High contrast colors and optimal letter size are also requirements for easy viewing and legibility, as is the correct text style. Don’t complicate your signage to be unique. Experienced sign experts will help you stand out because your business signage is eye-catching, creative, and memorable. Quality, well thought out signage represents your company in the most effective way.

While the creative process is underway, hang a coming soon banner or temporary signs and remember that multiple business signs, inside and out, help to imprint your name and logo. This not only is effective marketing for your current customers, but for prospective ones that pass by your location or see your signs, while conducting business with your neighbor. One main building sign,( perhaps a channel letter sign installed on a raceway), usually placed at an entrance, is imperative, a need. It not only distinguishes your location from all the others, but starts the branding process. Additional exterior signs, like a monument or pole sign, at the entrance to your property, or vinyl lettering signs on your windows or front door, continue it.

Once inside your building, cover those blank walls. Turn your lobby into an inviting space with a professional and colorful logo made of acrylic or a large fabric banner. Consider putting a wallpaper mural on a wall in your reception area sign or conference room. Add frosted signage to glass dividers and half walls to give privacy or add flair. Even use your floor to repeat your logo or put temporary signage for specialty events, promotions, or holiday greetings.

Premier Signs’ clients like PT Solutions know the value of having good quality signs and repeating your logo and colors in different sign forms inside your business, and out.

Make your business unforgettable. Have a complete business signage package. Premier Signs of Tampa’s team of sign professionals, together with you, can make it easy to….Create- Install- Repeat. Call today at 813-914-7006 or email and get started.