Refresco in Tampa has a new name and now an updated look. With a name change comes an opportunity. An opportunity to create your business all over again, reintroducing yourself to your clients. You get one first impression and that is why Refresco came to Premier Signs of Tampa, to make the most of it.

Their new building needed just the right exterior signage. They have a blank exterior wall space above the main entrance that needed to display their company’s new name and logo. Collaborating with Premier Signs, they chose large channel letters, installed by means of a raceway, on to the front of the building wall. The raceway was painted to match the building wall so as not to detract from the letters, but to raise them off the wall. The same method was used for their signature curve that was positioned over their name. The face of the channel letters and the curve were color matched to their new logo and they were both made large enough to look balanced on the expanse of wall. All of this contributed to the eye-catching yet professional business sign that can be seen from a distance. To add to the sign’s visibility, the combo sign was outfitted with LED lights. Now, no matter what time of day, or the unpredictable Florida weather, the new sign will be seen.

Refresco’s location is in an industrial business park in Tampa. There are many other companies around so, being seen sooner, rather than later, is important for their customers and visitors alike. To help with this, they also had a business pole sign at the edge of the property. Complete with their new name and logo, the cabinet also includes their address numbers. They used high contrast black on white for the numbers and repeated their signature color scheme and curve on the top portion of the pole sign. This additional sign, and vinyl lettering signs for their front doors, are part of an exterior sign package that compliments each other and serves many purposes. They are business locators, welcoming signs, exterior brand marketing vehicles and of course, the platform for their new business name.

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