Moveable marketing spreads the word on the streets of the Tampa Bay area, from Clearwater to Wesley Chapel, everyday, thanks to vehicle wraps and lettering. If you have a company or business, and you have a vehicle, you should be taking advantage of this advertising tool. Putting your business name, logo, contact info, etc., on a vehicle that moves through the streets everyday or sits street side in your parking lot, is as important as carrying business cards.

Even large businesses, like American Builders, one of Premier Signs of Tampa’s latest commercial clients, knows the value of vehicle signage .Using colorful vinyl lettering, numbers, and logo, their construction trucks are decked out with all the pertinent information about the business. The red, white, blue and black vinyl make a nice contrast on their white trucks, ensuring that words, phone numbers and website info are all highly visible.

This method of marketing can profit small, local businesses to large businesses that have franchises across the nation or state. Whether you are putting info on a back car window or all around a tractor trailer you can be sure people will take notice.

Vinyl is easily applied and durable, but can be removed when needed. Coming in a full array of standard colors along with the ability to be precision cut for intricate designs, vinyl is the perfect choice for this type of application. For these reasons, vinyl can go way beyond individual numbers, letters, and symbols when transforming your commercial vehicle. Wrapping a commercial vehicle, whole or in part, also protects your vehicle’s original finish from normal wear and tear. So, when trading in your vehicle for a newer model, the vinyl can be removed and your vehicle is worth more.  Look at these examples of what a partial or full wrap can do for a business car, truck or van:

Many of these vehicle wraps also include a window perf, which is a vinyl covering that looks solid from the outside but actually has holes, or perforations, that allows you to see outside. The side windows on the airport shuttle and the single back window for Gigante Productions are great examples. All types of business vehicles, from restaurants catering or delivery trucks, to company service vans, should have some form of signage and take full advantage of this open air advertising.

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