Every business starts with an idea, or a solution to a need, and then it takes groups of people to work together to see it to fruition. This is exactly the case with one of Premier Signs of Tampa’s newest clients, West Park Animal Hospital. After picking the location for their new animal hospital, they were anxious to get the word out. So, WestPark Animal Hospital came to Premier Signs to start the process. As with many shopping centers, they had an allotted amount of sign area and property guidelines. Choosing a combo sign was the perfect solution for their space.

They brought their logo and design ideas and preferences to the staff, choosing a palette of green and white. While the permanent sign was being created they made an all important decision to design and install a temporary banner, letting potential customers know that they will be opening soon. Now they have outdoor advertising before they even open their doors! The adjacent businesses have varying sizes and styles of channel letter signs above their entrances, and WestPark Hospital also choose this popular sign medium for their name. Channel letters are durable for outdoor installation and come in a wide assortment of colors, text styles, and are usually attached to a raceway that is painted the color of the exterior wall to become virtually invisible against the wall. A raceway lifts the sign letters off the building giving the sign depth.

In order to allow maximum letter size for their given space, they also included a can sign underneath, to display their logo and the business tag line. This allows the name to be easily seen from a distance and allows for additional wording.The permanent sign has evolved, from its temporary counterpart ,into a beautiful (yet cohesive with the shopping center), vibrant green exterior business wall sign, complete with matching cabinet sign.

Being a part of something bigger than yourself inspires all of us to make good decisions and it was influential in another choice West Park made- to light their sign! LED lighting of this channel letter sign combo would have been a smart choice at any location. Lighting your outdoor business signs ensure 24/7 marketing whether in inclement weather or dark of night. It makes a business and its surroundings more inviting. At West Park’s location, the neighboring businesses’ signs are lighted, so a darkened sign would be even less appealing. Now the finished product shines bright as a beacon for their clients and as a brand and location identifier for potential ones.

When needing signage for your new business venture or new location, consult with experienced sign professionals to help you make the smart choices. Call premier Signs today at 813-914-7006 or send email inquiries to premiersignsfl.com.