Interior wall murals have come a long way. The industry has improved the medium with upgraded materials and even digital printing. The color selection is unending and the saturation levels along with the precision printing and graphics can bring your office walls to life. Their uses are infinite from a logoed lobby entrance wall to a lively backdrop for a patient therapy area. Definitely creating an atmosphere for virtually any workplace.

These beautiful murals are perfect for making an immediate and lasting impression especially when placed at an entrance or large lobby/ reception area wall. The large mural shown here is 19’x43′ long. There’s absolutely no way to miss it or not be impressed by it. It was a spectacular way to introduce the main exhibit at the museum. An entire removable custom wall “art piece” not only enhances the experience but divides the large room and introduces the exhibit. Most interior wallpaper is made from a matte inkjet or digital print vinyl with a removable pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive. New technology now allows for bubble free installation and edge to edge printing, resulting in an even more professional product.

Depending on your business’ particular need, the mural can also come in an ultra gloss material, or can be a permanent install. Either way these interior wall decorations are highly durable, and are usually installed on flat surfaces or ones with simple curves. The size is not limited but usually covers the entire wall surface. This makes a beautiful focal point for a lobby, an inspirational wall for a conference room, or a morale booster for an employee breakroom.  Restaurants and sporting venues make great use of this wall covering medium, creating atmospheres from intimate settings, tropical retreats, and ethnic international sites, to team spirit and rooms full of excitement.

Large rooms are not the only place a wall mural can be used, and partially covered walls can also do a lot for your space. For instance, adding wallpaper that brings the outdoors in, or gives depth by perspective art can visually enlarge a room. This is a great economical way to make your business space look less crowded and more inviting without any construction. Spas also make use of these murals to change a stark room into a tranquil space that takes their clients away from the outside world. This wallpaper art can cover your floor as well! A removable floor mural choice is perfect for temporary or short term events and promotions, while more permanent applications may be used for branding or a first impression impact. After all, your floor is just a wall you walk on.

It’s amazing how wall murals can transform a room. Wall coverings can do a lot for outside your business as well. Indoor/Outdoor PVC printed material with removable adhesive can don your exterior business walls, sidewalks, and even streets. Much like indoors these outdoor murals can be great for one time or limited run events, but these are non slip.

Wallpaper murals sure have changed, and maybe it’s the change your business needs. Contact Premier Signs of Tampa for information on how a custom wall covering may benefit your business location. Call 813-914-7006 or email