Moffitt Cancer center of Tampa, Florida is not only a leader in improving cancer treatment and patients lives, but it knows the value of keeping up with the times. Part of that attitude is reflected in their constant upkeep and updating of their facilities, including their signage. Moffitt is a repeat customer of Premier Signs of Tampa. Together they continually update their signs and add essential signage to their existing and new locations, with their clients and employees in mind.

One of the most recent additions is a beautiful blue acrylic channel letter logo sign. Installed above the exterior main entrance of a new building, it makes quite a statement. Simple, professional and easily recognizable, the logo is also LED face-lit, to ensure visibility no matter inclement weather or dark of night. Aluminum fabricated face-lit letters, like this one, are a lightweight, durable, outdoor letter sign solution for signs needing letters from 16′ to120′ tall. The aluminum frame, along with the removable acrylic face insert, combine for a highly visible large scale letter with enough finish and color options to get your business the sign you need. The removable face allows for easy access to the interior LED lights, as well as ease for any color change update.

The Tampa cancer center also has directory monuments for their new building’s property lot. Directories like these help direct new patients, staff, and visitors to the appropriate buildings to make their visit a little less stressful. Clearly marked entrances with reflective vinyl lettering that help drivers anticipate a turn, or insure that they are going in the right direction, also help with traffic flow. Moffitt has many buildings around the Tampa area, serving many functions, so monuments like these two color directories, with the Moffitt identification on top and the arrows and names of the particular buildings for this location really alleviate a lot of confusion right at the entrance and beyond.

Monuments, directories and channel letters can add great value to any exterior business property. They can be customized to suit your companies needs. Make sure you get expert advice and call Premier Signs of Tampa today and let them show you how these signs can improve, not only your property’s value, but increase your exterior branding, marketing and your customers overall experience. Call 813-914-7006 or email to