Ever wish your car looked like the beautiful, sleek car that just went past? Maybe you have vehicle wrap envy! Save yourself the time and expense of a new paint job or buying a new car or truck, and get it wrapped. A very satisfied Premier Signs of Tampa customer did just that. The client still loved the car but really wanted a new look. Bringing along a custom design that still revealed the original black paint job at strategic points, to emphasis headlights, etc., the client and experts at Premier Signs put together just the custom look they were hoping for.

The material used was a full car color change vinyl wrap from 3M. It is a superior performance vinyl, series 1080, that comes in over 100 colors and a variety of finishes, textures. The color they chose was dragon fire red. Coupled with custom original black reveals, the dragon fire red vehicle is a stand out. The reflective quality of the finish also has a color shift characteristic highlighting the contours of the car. A previous customer chose to wrap their vehicle because the car lot did not have the color they originally preferred. No problem, no long wait for the dealer to find the perfect car either. The silver car soon became wrapped in Galaxy Milky Way, a shiny blue-grey metallic. These custom wrapped cars, while being a showpiece sure to be noticed on the street, are not just pretty faces.

Quality car wrap vinyl is durable protecting the vehicle from everyday wear and tear, including minor scrapes, abrasions, stains and the sun’s UV rays. The wrap actually shields the original paint finish seamlessly which maintains the vehicles value. Wraps are removable so you can trade in the vehicle in original condition or choose another of the many unique wraps available.

This time you may choose to one of the many unique finishes and textures like the popular matte finish or a carbon fiber. Combination wraps are also popular as are two tone designs. Trucks are excellent vehicles for changing it up, a little or a lot. Here is an example of a customized wrap using silver carbon fiber.

Many commercial trucks take advantage of vehicle wrapping to become a moving billboard for their company. Just by driving through town or to a job and back, the advertising reach multiplies. Companies choose full or partial wraps that best suit their needs. The latest Premier Signs commercial vehicle client, American Builders Supply, went with a partial wrap that included a printed logo feature. Many other clients chose varying degrees of custom wrapping for their commercial vehicle.

There are many combinations and variations available to suit your needs, whether your company or personal vehicle is a car, truck, van, boat, or golf cart. Call Premier Signs of Tampa today at 813-914-7006, to get the vehicle that expresses you or your company’s individual style, or email at info@preiersignsfl.com.