Many exterior business signs are installed on building walls, on poles, or in monuments, and a large amount of them are flat signs. Flat signs are usually cost effective, and easily installed. They can vary greatly in height or width to accommodate a space or opening and are lightweight enough to be installed by most methods, even a bifold corner mount like at Kroslak Bakery Equipment. This sign was mounted on three poles and positioned on their property for maximum visibility from traffic flowing in both directions. The durability for outdoor mounting along with the ability to be precision cut, the aluminum composite material used also allowed Kroslak to customize their sign with a chef’s hat cutout. This is also an attention getter.


Trifold and pole installations are especially popular with real estate and property managers. The fact that aluminum composite signs are cost effective is a big advantage for signs that are meant to be short term. The marketing for selling a space or a whole property can be done with large eye catching signs while still considering the bottom line. Restaurants and new businesses frequently take advantage of this medium for “grand opening” or “coming soon” signs instead of banners. It serves the same purpose of a banner but can be sized to fit easily in a store’s corner window, or as a large entrance sign to a property.

Multi unit property managers use flat signs for exterior business directories, directional signage and use flat pylon signs for the main business center sign. The materials may differ for each application depending on use and placement. Outdoor directories are a great aid for customers and clients when a property has more than one tenant.  Pylon signs are also great for this since they can hold multiple signs that clearly display each individual occupant, allowing for distinctive text and logos for identification. The multi sign pylon is also great for changing out just one sign for fluctuating tenants. Flat directional signs aid clients and keep traffic flow going smoothly while keeping out of bounds areas clearly marked.

These  flat exterior signs, that are also meant to be more permanent business signs, are usually made out of acrylic or metal and can also be installed on poles, as part of a monument, or hung from roofs and fences. These acrylic and metal outdoor business signs usually have vinyl letters and graphics or have a digital print overlay. The sky’s the limit for color, size and design graphics.

As with all business signs, especially outdoor ones, make sure your sign is doing the most for you. Size, color, sign material, proper installation location and method all work together to insure you get the best sign for your location. The experts at Premier Signs of Tampa will help you achieve that. Call today at 813-914-7006 or email at