Business offices conduct services from medical to a good cup of coffee, their signage reflects that diversity.  The latest Premier Signs customers are a great example of that. Florida eye associates is a business sign customer and has many offices throughout the Tampa Bay area. Their exterior business sign material of choice is a sandblasted one. Sandblasted foam signs are etched or carved signs that give dimension and richness to each sign. They can include just a title itself, or symbols and/or pertinent information like telephone or address numbers. They can be painted in a large array of colors, with the main body matching or contrasting the exterior building wall. The use of a carved border ensures the ability for the sign to contrast and stand out from the background surface. Sandblasting is often done using a dense foam material but can be done by etching granite or metal. A sandblasted sign gives an artistic and professional look to any office exterior.

Another popular sign is a routed sign. Routed signs are usually out of the same dense foam but the routing actually produces letters and images that are recessed into the sign. Sandblasting blasts away the background instead, producing a raised image. A routed sign can give an engraved or etched appearance. The end result is once again a very polished professional look. Great for interior office area signs. All of these Premier Signs customers chose a routed sign, and in some instances they were made to look like they are out of much heavier materials like metal or granite.


Lake Magdalene Manors monument sign, at their entrance, is actually a combination of both of these processes. The body of the sign was sandblasted raising the letters giving a beautiful 3D look. The image on top was routed. The entire sign looks as if it made of  a heavy bronze metal with gold accents. This gives their entrance a regal appearance and adds to the entire property’s value.

Each of these signs, whether sandblasted or routed, are great choices for exterior placement, acting as business locaters and valuable outdoor marketing. Get some expert advice on outdoor office and business signs by calling Premier Signs of Tampa at 813-914-7006 or emailing to