Tampa, Florida’s businesses are as varied as the people who live here. The area’s outdoor business signs reflect that diversity. Part of the importance of hanging the right sign on your exterior building wall is to add to your outdoor marketing. The proper size, color, height, sign materials and even the amount of signage, all play into getting optimal results. Visibility is all important so sign location should be first consideration, then proper lighting .Take note whether your exterior lot or building itself has enough light to illuminate your sign even in inclement weather. If not, include LED lighting in your sign. This will give you the added benefit of 24/7 visibility and continued advertising even after closing hours.

Most exterior building signs are dictated by size of the display area and any county or landlord restrictions and codes. Once you’ve determined the size you are working with and how far away you want your sign to be seen, you can now choose the type of sign best suited for your purpose. One of the most popular sign types for large outdoor wall areas is a channel letter sign. They come in many standard colors and type styles, can be backlit with LEDs, but most of all have an expansive range of sizes. Channel letter signs are used alone or in combination with a  cabinet sign or symbols, making them even more versatile.




Can signs alone, too, can be a very effective exterior wall sign. Rectangle is probably the shape of most can signs but they are definitely not limited to it. Circles, ovals and many custom shapes make up many business cabinet signs. Colors can vary from white or black backgrounds to a custom color, depending on preference and the amount of contrast you would like with the exterior wall color. Adding a contrasting border can also be helpful. 

The design of the can is sometimes a simple shape, to enhance a trademark script or design, or can be totally custom cut to fit the most unique of signs.


Terra Gaucha restaurant in Tampa did both. They effectively used an oval cabinet sign for their center’s pylon sign and integrated a custom shape of their trademark horse, along with their tagline, in an electric sign that was then placed strategically between the title made from channel letters. The combination is inspired and beautiful. the result: a very unique and most importantly, eye-catching and easily recognizable, sign.

With these basic outdoor sign types: channel letters and illuminated cabinet signs, you are only limited by your imagination. So, whether a basic outdoor business sign is what you need, or a completely custom one, make it the best sign for your company. To ensure that your sign is highly visible, the right size, color and shape for you, contact the experts at Premier Signs of Tampa to explain your options and guide you through the process.

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