Attention residents, customers and visitors! Metal outdoor property signs do just that, get attention. Property and business owners everywhere utilize metal signs for many of their outdoor signage needs. Metal is a very durable and sturdy material for long term outdoor use. Everything from large property monument entrance signs, to pool rules, directional warnings, and street signs, can be made from metal.

When used in combination with vinyl, it becomes even more very versatile. Vinyl, with its full range of colors, can give even the most discerning of properties, that need custom location colors, many options. Tampa area Country Clubs, Golf Courses and many private residential subdivisions have come to Premier Signs of Tampa to get beautiful metal outdoor property signs in every color palette and diverse texts. Necessary and utilitarian in nature, these signs showing arrows, text, and distinctive logos, can also add to the property’s value, when designed to be a long lasting aesthetic addition. Custom signs for HOA is specialty.

Familiar with working within HOA, city and county codes and restrictions, Premier Signs has the expertise to get your job done correctly the first time. This is something any property manager appreciates. These metal signs are installed in various ways depending on each location. Many times they are attached to fences, hung at optimal height, especially for warning or informational signage. However, some of these signs are best affixed to a pole, like in a parking lot when space is at a premium. You might also find them on shorter poles at walkways or by lakes and ponds.

Metal outdoor monument signs are a bit grander scale and can be installed in many ways. Individual metal letters and logo symbols look beautiful attached, either flush or with standoffs, to brick, stone or granite. Large metal rectangular signs with vinyl text and symbols installed on poles are an artistic way to display your property’s name to be seen from a distance, especially at an entrance. Engraved metal plaques on entrance monuments give off a professional, elegant air that adds value from the first introduction to the location.

Metal signs make a statement of permanence, and the commitment to a long lasting relationship, for your clients, residents, visitors, and prospective customers. Be sure to consider using metal as all or part of your outdoor signage package. Contact Premier Signs of Tampa for information on the merits and versatility of metal signs today. Call 813-914-7006 or email at