Transforming your business lobby interior can be as easy as choosing the right lobby wall sign. A quality indoor sign can reflect commitment, pride, and professionalism to your customers and your employees. Schools display their name so students and faculty feel more like a team working together, cheering each other on and giving them some place that they belong and can be proud of. Your place of business should borrow this mindset in your interior.

Create a good working environment for your employees, and see how it benefits your business! Interior wall signs can be a big part of that. Start with your lobby wall signs. A beautiful custom sign using laser cut acrylics or metals can be a stunning addition. It serves a dual purpose by being a professional, yet friendly greeting to employees and to your customers. Quala, a Tampa business, did just that with their silver metal logo and name sign they just had installed. It’s beautiful from every angle, especially since they gave dimension to their name and logo by making those larger, “thicker”, and installed with pegs, in respect to the smaller  flush tagline underneath. Using existing spot lights, it created quite a shining focal point for their lobby. This definitely enhanced the look of the business environment.

Pinnacle Cardiovascular Associates got a similar look using black acrylic with a brushed silver finish. They, too, made use of spacers to accentuate part of their sign, while the rest was installed flush to the wall. Another similar example is at Changing Smiles dental office. These two differ from Quala because their unique graphics were intertwined with the text.


Acrylic lobby signs don’t have to be silver to look professional or add beauty to your lobby space. Acrylic signs come in many colors and can be PMS color matched, so your lobby wall can easily display your name and logo exactly to your color specifications. Color is well known for influencing us emotionally. The red, white and blue of the Volunteers of America lobby sign evokes patriotism, while the pastel daisy of Growing Smiles Dental gives off a friendly, happy vibe. Right at the entrance your sign influences your customers and visitors alike, setting the tone for their encounter with your business.


Don’t forget that color can also boost morale. Putting quality signage in break rooms and common areas can help with employee retention and company pride. These signs can instruct, encourage, and even educate, while giving employees a space that doesn’t look forgotten or unfinished. This tells them they are important. Just as important as the clients coming in the front door. Displaying company and employee contributions and accomplishments in employee areas, conference rooms or reception areas by means of permanent plaques or signage that can be changed out, really shows your commitment to your business and your employees.

Signs can go a long way to enriching your business, from the employees to the potential customer. Call Premier Signs of Tampa at 813-914-7006 or email at to get expert advice for your new business signs.