Banner material is durable for use indoors and out. It is cost effective enough to be used for seasonal and even one time events, yet can be wiped off, rolled up, and used later. These characteristics make it a very popular sign material for schools, and business, community, and personal special events. Banners come in all shapes and sizes, and in a full array of colors. The use of vinyl for lettering and graphics add to its versatility and color palette.

Schools use banners to show school pride at sporting events, to welcome back students, and to display team and individual honors and awards. You will find them on perimeter fences, interior hallways, gymnasiums, and exterior walls. Banner materials can be solid or a mesh. Mesh is especially popular for fences. It allows a large area to display text and graphics while still providing some transparency, air flow, and light.

Banners are also a great vehicle to advertise the new school session and give pertinent enrollment dates with contact phone numbers large enough that it can be seen from a distance. Large or small they serve to communicate, indoors and out, such things as student moral boosters, colorful environment enhancers and community reminders for upcoming school events. Colleges and schools are not the only organizations that make good use of banner signs. Small athletic clubs often make use of banners to identify their home base and/or to carry with them to away meets and games, hoping to inspire pride, teamwork and even potential new members.

Private and community leagues use  banners to identify and thank their supporters, while individuals display team logos at tailgates or game day parties. They also wave them to cheer on an individual at a finish line, or as their favorite team takes the field or court. Don’t forget the many school logos that adorn front lawn graduation banners!

Schools, clubs, and team fanatics have embraced banners as one of their favorite sign choices, but banners are a great choice for businesses for many of the same reasons. The cost effectiveness makes it a perfect choice to use banners to let people know everything from “Coming Soon” and “Grand Opening” to “New Management” and “Year end Clearance”.


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