“Am I at the right place?” or “Wow! This is really nice.” Two different reactions that your potential customers will have when they open your door and walk into your lobby…your choice. Lobby signs and reception area signs are really needed for branding.

It’s easy to get the reaction you want when you enlist the help of sign experts like the ones at Premier Signs of Tampa. Clients from all across the Bay area have come with their needs, wants, and their bare walls and have gotten rave results. Two of the latest recipients are Pinnacle Cardiovascular Associates of Brandon and Vargas Law of Tampa.

Pinnacle had a large empty wall where they wanted to display their name and logo. They chose to use black acrylic with a brushed nickel face for their custom symbol and the title letters. Acrylic is a very versatile medium with vast options for sizes, colors, finishes and can be precision cut to make beautiful designs. It allowed Pinnacle to fill their space with varying letter sizes, while cleverly incorporating their symbol between the lines, and still resulting in a professional, artistic rendering that is easily legible. This example also shows two installation techniques. Most of the sign is flush to the wall, but the word PINNACLE is given a dimensional look by a peg installation pulling those letters away from the wall. This small change really defines the main title and gives importance to it.

Vargas Law in Tampa had a similar situation. A blank lobby wall in need of embellishment. Vargas chose vinyl as their medium choice. It too is a versatile medium, perfect for creating a custom logo, having many size, color, and text options. The use of white vinyl on the darker background is a great contrast allowing optimum visibility. The font is professional, yet friendly, and the tag line stating their profession leaves no doubt as to the location’s purpose. Giving them the desired client greeting and consequently the desired client reaction.

Acrylic and vinyl wall signs are popular for their durability and adaptability as well as being an economical medium. Surfaces that are flat, curved, recessed, large, small ,or high off the ground can use acrylic, vinyl or a combination of the two with great results. Below are pictures of area lobbies using these mediums:

Make the right first impression by filling your empty lobby wall with quality signage that evokes the best customer response. Let Premier Signs of Tampa guide you through the world of vinyl and acrylic or any of the other numerous sign medium options available to you. Don’t wait. Let your walls work for you. Call 813-914-7006 today or email info@premiersignsfl.com.