Terra Gaucha restaurant is coming soon to Tampa and the signs are up. The Dale Mabry area of Tampa is known for some wonderful restaurants and it is adding another that hopes to make its mark. They are a Brazilian Steakhouse and the concept is sure to be a hit, but the owners of Terra Gaucha know how important it is to make a splash even before they open. Great custom signage is a big part of their marketing plan, so they came to Premier Signs of Tampa to get the job done right.

They needed multiple signs, custom made and installed, to make their presence known prior to opening. They are part of an existing retail plaza so, for their spot on the plaza’s pole sign, they chose an oval shaped dimensional acrylic can sign with vinyl lettering and horse silhouette. It sits proudly on top as a classy location identifier.

The most unique sign they had manufactured was for their exterior building wall above the main entrance. This custom sign makes use of a combination of signs cleverly designed to fit together. The signs consist of channel letters for most of the Terra Gaucha name, with the exception of the “A” in Terra. To incorporate the logo horse symbol, the usual shape was enlarged and formed to fit out of the acrylic. This shows the versatility of this acrylic medium, with its ability to be precision cut, truly depicting the horse image with the help of vinyl overlay, giving it definition. The same customizing took place with the can sign below the letters.  Midway thru the long slim rectangle aluminum sign cabinet, that states the type of restaurant they are, is another custom cut area where the horse’s legs protrude. Lining these two signs properly atop each other creates the image of the horse at full gallop. The result is a tailor-made artistically sophisticated sign appropriate for this upscale restaurant. It is a showstopper and will certainly be noticed and talked about. Advance marketing before they are open!  To ensure that passersby and prospective customers know to anticipate their opening.

Anticipation leads to word of mouth and that’s what creates a marketing buzz. Promotion and publicity just from good outdoor signage.Your outdoor business location signs should be doing the same for you. It is only one part of any businesses marketing strategy but it is vital to a business’ success. Don’t underscore what professional exterior business signage can do for your business. Contact a proven company like Premier Signs of Tampa who have qualified experienced personnel to help you get the most from all of your business signs, inside and out. Call 813-914-7006 or email info@premiersignsfl.com.