There are many times that one sign is not enough. If your business name does not clearly imply the nature of your business, you should consider a combination sign. Depending on your business name, trying to include the service or product you supply, may make just one single sign too busy and therefore, ineffective. Adding a can sign, for instance, can set your business’ exterior apart, especially if your business is part of a mall or business park. 


An exterior sign can include your business tag line like Arise church shown here. It clearly identifies it as a church, the Assembly of God at Brandon. This clarification is especially important when your business is not part of a well known chain or may have a dual meaning. The last thing you want is for a prospective client to not know exactly what you provide. Don’t waste money on incomplete signage.

Tampa Bay Grand Prix is another prime example that a channel letter sign and sign cabinet was a must. They needed to let their potential customers know that they are an indoor racing facility. So this time the title is displayed in full color, complete with image on the wall sign, and the tag is in large red channel letters mounted on raceways. This way both parts of the combo can be large enough to be seen from a distance.

  Dr. Bernstein Diet Clinic’s sign definitely set itself apart by adding an image of a figure and a large scale above its name. Including a distinctive symbol as part of your combo, on your exterior business sign, helps customers to easily identify your company, or helps get their attention with a punch of color, or whimsical design. Some Tampa businesses that are using this marketing technique are displayed here:

combo: 2 channel letter signs of varying texts, colors, sizes and a can

Whether your second sign is an acrylic yellow smile or blooming flower, or a way to emphasize part of your name like A-1’s can, the use of a combo sign is beneficial and can be economical, yet always profitable.



Exteriors are not the only place where combination signs are effective. Interior business lobbies are an excellent place to repeat your combo sign for maximum exposure and results. Repeat branding is very important, and if done well, your combo signage can really add to your lobby’s atmosphere. Here are some examples of Tampa Bay businesses where their lobbies use this technique:Lakeland Linder Interior Sign                                      Be sure to get the right size sign for your wall, inside or out. Too small is not enough to be effective, and too big can overpower a space and actually CTG Interior Sign be disturbing to your clients rather than a pleasing addition. This can be a negative effect and a costly one.


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