Winter time in Tampa is filled with holiday spirit and lights. The atmosphere is festive and the night seems alive with color! Is your business doing your part? You can provide lights and a merry location all year with LED lighted outdoor Business signs.

When you are opening a new business, or additional location, and are designing your exterior entrance wall sign, don’t forget to light them up! Some of the most common and most spectacular type of these signs are channel letter signs with LED backlighting. The LED lights are installed into the individual letters and the wires are usually hidden by means of a raceway. They can usually be direct wired to existing electrical if your business is moving into a previously occupied space or a multi-unit shopping area.

Channel letters can be made of laser-cut acrylic, formed plastic, metal laminate on acrylic, and fabricated metal which gives you a vast choice in colors and finishes so you can get just the look you are wanting and at the right price point. This variety of material options also allows for letters ranging in size up to 60″ tall. With most options having over 140 standard text styles and 40 standard colors and custom color matching, it’s easy to achieve your specific look, even in 3D.

Options don’t stop there. LED lighting channel letters has it’s own unique lighting choices, like light diffusion, back lighting, halo lit letters, and day/night letters. There are many ways to light the skies of Tampa Bay and lots of Premier Signs of Tampa’s customers have chosen to do so. This is 24/7 outdoor marketing, no matter what the weather, or how dark the skies. This time of year your LED exterior sign provides a community service as well…. lighting the way for the New Year!        

Here are some community minded Tampa Bay businesses lighting the New Year skies:


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