Is your vision blurry? Having a hard time reading that sign? Squinting and it’s still not helping?

Maybe it’s not your eyes….

Maybe it’s the sign.

This happens time and time again to business customers, don’t let it happen to yours!

When you are looking to invest in your company, review your signage options. It’s like picking out your attire for the day or special meeting. Your outward appearance should match the occasion, location, and time of the day it will be viewed. Your signage, like your wardrobe, should also be reviewed and updated or you could be sending the wrong message. If your clothing is drab or worn, you may be passed right by. The same thing goes for your exterior building signs and your business.

One such client of Premier Signs did just that. Watermark’s retirement community in St. Petersburg, Florida, “The Fountains”, had an exterior building sign that needed to be replaced. Because of the location of the sign, high above their entrance walkway, the previous plaque type sign was hard to make out. Premier Signs replaced it with a high contrast, dark bronze acrylic graphic of their fountain symbol. Simple, but a beautiful statement that leaves no doubt as to what it symbolizes.

The intricate design was installed on the outer wall by means of a series or studs. The outcome is an artistic piece that welcomes all, residents and visitors, to the main entrance. This installation technique of using studs, most often is for adding dimension to a sign, pulling it off the surface, but this time it was more for securing each individual section of the design to the wall. Acrylic was the perfect medium for this job, and many others, because of its ability to be laser-cut, resulting in precise, intricate designs. Acrylics also come in over 32 standard colors, PMS color matching ability, and many custom finishes. Thicknesses can range to 1/2″, which can also add to a sign’s dimensional look.

Layering of two or more acrylics to create a design or border is a beautiful effect as well. Mixing two or three colors to “build” a logo, like the state of Florida that is a part of Workforce of America’s exterior wall sign, not only allows the logos to be colored but has an eye catching result. This technique is used for interior lobby signs as well making beautiful indoor signs that are durable too.

Entire signs can be made solely of acrylics. Acrylics can also be inserts for monuments, pylon or pole signs, or mixed with other mediums to create outdoor building or perimeter property signs. Here are some examples of Premier Sign’s customers throughout the Tampa Bay area employing this capability:                                                                                                     Now dress up your exterior business for success by updating, replacing or putting in a quality, high definition sign, the first time. Contact the acrylic sign experts at Premier Signs of Tampa today by calling: 813-914-7006 or emailing