Outdoor directional signs are useful to have entrance signs or building directions.

Sound easy? Not if you’ve never been there before. Unless there are signs!

So, let’s talk outdoor signs….

First there are property signs that are designed for informational purposes, like getting you or your customers back to their car. Everything from directional arrows to parking garage signs and floor directories.

There are also signs in the parking area intended to keep your clients safe, your deliveries going the right way, and your property clean and protected.




All of these signs are small metal signs with vinyl overlay, mounted on a pole. This vinyl application is outdoor friendly lasting 5-7 years. They are also an economical investment, especially when considering multiple signs for a location. The high contrasting vinyl colors also make it easy to read from a car or sidewalk.

Other great exterior sign materials and methods include sandblasting and routing foamcore and colorcore. These signs have an outdoor life that is even longer, with colorcore the longest. The upgraded look of these signs takes a property sign and makes it an attractive addition to the location. These good-looking, yet durable signs can be made to match existing entrance monuments and outdoor building signs so the signage for the entire property is cohesive.

Some outdoor info signs are full of warnings, while others are more opportunistic and take advantage of foot traffic to advertise.

Being multipurpose can be good economics. Need an entrance arrow? Use this example and incorporate a directory. Add a second one on the backside and the two tenants can be seen from either side of the street and the entry direction is emphasized by the sign’s shape.

Sometimes necessity drives the placing of a sign:



Other times need is coupled with levity.              (A whole other aspect to a mutipupose sign!)




Whatever your exterior signage needs, and this article only touched on a few, come to the outdoor sign experts at Premier Signs of Tampa. They will survey your location take into account your wants, needs, code restrictions and your budget. After finalizing materials, colors, sizes and installation choices,they will come up with an outdoor sign package that is right for you. Once approved by you, the fabrication and then the installation process, can all be handled by Premier Signs’ sign pros. Get the ball rolling and contact them today. Call 813-914-7006 or email info@premiersignsfl.com. Enhance your property and, perhaps, add some levity to a sign and have some fun!