The informational age: cell phones, laptops, digital devices. They all supply us with instant information. They can navigate you to any entrance door, but then what happens when you need to know: what floor?, which suite?, or where not to venture?

Signs to the rescue!

These informational signs come in all shapes, sizes, and materials. Premier Signs of Tampa has fabricated and installed various examples of these throughout Tampa Bay for many years, helping hundreds to get where they are going.

Call Box Directory- Acrylic w/ Metal Plates


Let’s see how indoor signs assist you …. So you made it past the exterior door, but you find you cannot go any further without help. You might have encountered an intercom or call box, but without a directional sign you would be at a loss. Sometimes the simplest of signs are the most help.             ( Extension numbers, security, or just which button to press!)


If you’ve made it to the lobby, most likely you are searching for the next sign. Arrows pointing you to the stairs, elevator, restrooms, or a directory!




What you will notice about these directories is that each one has the ability to be changed out. A very important asset in this age of revolving tenants. Manufactured from materials varying from aluminum to acrylics, they each have been installed making use of the best space available to allow for the best viewing.  Some are illuminated from the building lights and some need extra lighting of their own.

Other interior lobby signs might be there to keep you from going in the wrong direction, like “employees only” or “emergency exit only” and some are there in case of emergency. The installation placement of these signs is important, so they may be found at eye-level, high above a door, or at your feet. 

Lightweight materials like aluminum with vinyl lettering may be used when the sign needs to be attached to the wall and floor mats or removable floor graphics are placed on the walkways. Little, or no words, can heed a warning or show direction especially if coupled with a graphic. Keep wording simple whenever possible.

Next, a beautiful acrylic sign outside the suite door may greet you like this one at Primerica. Simple design, but attractive, attached with silver pegs. Just their logo and suite number is all that’s necessary for this location. Sometimes, however, a small additional sign is needed like at Sport & Spine. Make sure to use high contrast, like black and white, to insure visibility.

You’ve made it to your destination, thanks to signs! Next time you will be a little more aware of just how important signs are to us all. Of course you have to leave the building, find the parking garage, and the exit, but that’s a blog for next time!

Make your interior business lobby, and more, be customer friendly and easily navigated by contacting the experts at Premier Signs. They have the expertise to create and install these very necessary signs for your business location. Call today at 813-914-7006 or email at