The new Quick Weight Loss clinic location in Clearwater, Florida needed an exterior building sign. The outdoor building wall area is part of the common exterior of a shopping center. The city of Clearwater has dictated specific sign regulations for this shopping center, so those must be addressed first, when considering signage. Like many other properties throughout the Tampa Bay region, city and county codes can govern sign size, location and even installation options. Whatever the restrictions, the experienced staff at Premier Signs of Tampa, can advise you throughout the process, ensuring a code friendly, attractive, and effective exterior building sign for your company.

36″ Channel letters

The Quick Weight Loss sign had to be a channel letter sign. If there were no code restrictions, this would be the beginning of the many options a business would have for their exterior wall sign. Channel letters, come in many heights, depending on the material the letters are fabricated out of. Stainless steel letters can range in size from 2″ high to 36″, while aluminum letters can be made as large as 120″ tall.

There are many finish options for the front and sides of metal letters as well as paint color choices and/or acrylic insert color options. Letter depth and text style are  additional choices. The Quick Weight Loss sign consists of white aluminum channel letters of a 4′ depth with red acrylic face. This depth helps give dimension to this sign even though it is direct mounted to the exterior building wall. The contrast of the white letter base and the red face make it easier to read from many angles. The removable acrylic face allows for easy access which comes in handy when they are LED face lit, which these are. The LED insert in each of the channel letters make the entire sign highly visible day or night. It was connected to the shopping centers existing circuit.

The Clearwater, Florida shopping center’s new sign is a beautiful end product of a process that started out with many parameters dictated by city code. Here are some examples of other Tampa Bay area exterior wall channel letters that were able to utilize more of the available options:

combo: 2 channel letter signs of varying texts, colors, sizes and a can

Raceway mounted w/ two additional can signs

Letters installed in descending order off raceway to create curve

Channel letters w/ LED halo lighting






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