Voting station sign- Red coroplast arrow, suspended)

A city, all under one roof, comes to life for Tampa’s Junior Achievement, by using individual business signs. These “exterior”  business signs, in many shapes and sizes, help to imitate individual stores, restaurants, banks, and community buildings, in order to give the sense of an entire working city ,Biztown, for students to run. It is an amazing and worthwhile concept that has been teaching life lessons to new students each year for decades. But in order to “sell” the idea that it is a working city, they knew there was one must…signs.


Students not only recognize many of the logos of some of the businesses involved, creating a familiar and believable atmosphere, but use other building signs for directional purposes. This is exactly how your clients or future customers operate. Once again reinforcing the importance of good, quality indoor and outdoor signage. The JA program disperses jobs to each of the students and mentors them on their position in the community. The student run city is only for a limited time, so signs help students go from one business to another more efficiently to complete their individual tasks. Signs do this for us everyday, whether for business or pleasure.

-Aluminum letters installed on raceways beside blue and silver logo

-Sandblasted foam piece attached directly to wall

-Multi-colored vinyl

-Wallpaper mural backdrop behind curved wood desk w/ square acrylic panels attached to front, inlaid colored vinyl in reverse

-Custom cut white and red acrylic w/ dual sided vinyl letters hung by brackets and chain

– 1inch thick alumacore w/ digitally applied vinyl placed in brackets atop “roof”

– Vinyl Rays logo with white border installed directly to wall

Here are some examples of the JA signs:

Visit JA’s website to view Biztown or to volunteer:








Make use of one, or several, options represented here for your next business signage. JA knows that the right signage for indoors or out starts with advice from the experts, like those at Premier Signs of Tampa. Call 813-914-7006 today, or email at