“Hear Ye, Hear Ye…”, was the town crier’s method of communication. That was the best they had, but that was a long time ago! Make sure you stay up with the times and use today’s more effective communication materials. One such method is putting your message on a banner or flag. Banners and flags come in all shapes, sizes and colors. They are very effective means of outdoor visual communication and also add to the atmosphere of any setting.

Many schools, athletic complexes, businesses and communities around Tampa Bay have embraced banners and flags for many different reasons. Schools fly their colors for spirit. Sport’s fields and fences are adorned not only with their name but those of their sponsors. Businesses use them to tell customers everything from holiday greetings to an upcoming sale, and sometimes just to let them know they are open for business! You’ve noticed the flags waving in the breeze. It’s an attention getter. With the right graphics and font, your message gets delivered over and over again with each passing car or pedestrian.

These beautiful works of art, made from fabric or vinyl, can be attached to a flagpole, street lamp, building, fence or suspended from brackets. This installation versatility allows you to get maximum exposure, where you need it. Many Hillsborough County schools in the Tampa area are great examples of how to use both banners and flags to communicate using their existing structures to determine installation methods. Walls, fences, railings and ceiling grids or beams are popular places where you can find these signs, and because of that, their use is not limited to the outside. Here are some great examples that Premier Signs of Tampa created for them:

Schools are not the only place you will find banners in abundance. Pass by a little league field or soccer compound, and see all the brightly colored banners displaying names, logos and well wishes from their benefactors and fans.

 Some businesses needs are big, and some are small when it comes to the right size for a business banner or flag, especially when it comes to an exterior building need. Therefore it is also very important that the right size font and background color are used for visibility and clarity. Triage Consignment store covered an entire 16ftx70ft side of their building exterior with an eye-catching banner, and Maggie’s Tea Room used a 12ft pole banner to draw attention outside their restaurant! Both of these signs serve to communicate in a big way, making use of their available space to advertise. Keiser College also chose to cover a large exterior portion of their building, but this 30ftx10ft banner is at their entrance. There’s no guessing at their phone number or if they are accepting students!

Size is only one consideration and sometimes not the priority. Color to some is what identifies their restaurant, company or team. Do you recognize these? Mary Kay is obvious and the other is for Red Stripe beer, of course. Still other colors are essential to the industry, like this orange and black banner for a Halloween costumes store. Color can also identify a community or shopping district. Usually these colored flags are on a smaller scale and hang from street or lamp posts, but add a lot to the beautification and cohesiveness of the area.

Consider adding a banner or flag to your existing outdoor visual marketing, or for an entire exterior wall!  Come to Premier Signs of Tampa with your needs. call today at 813-914-7006 or email at info@premiersignsfl.com.