Whether you have one location or many, like Jersey Mike’s Subs restaurant, designing your sign is only the beginning. Once you have your signs fabricated, you must get them in place to be see and do their job. Sometimes this is as easy as hanging a picture, sometimes you need a more creative solution. Either way experience with all kinds of installation methods is a necessity to get it installed on time and right the first time.

When it comes to exterior signs, they can be designed in a wide variety of styles. The location really dictates what style of sign they get with landlord approval. Every store sign is in a different location with it’s own restrictions, zoning and otherwise, that effect where and how the signs can be placed. That’s also why their are so many varied installation techniques especially outdoors. The most common exterior wall mounting methods are: direct mount, stud mounted, or raceway mounted, used especially when installing LED lights.

Both the stud and raceway mounting pull the sign off the wall and add to a dimensional look. The raceways can be painted to match the existing wall to appear to fade away or a contrasting color if you prefer. The LED lights are encased inside the sign and raceway for a clean look.

Additional outdoor sign installation systems include poles and pylons, monuments and brackets. These are generally your street side signage, but could also include signs at your entrance like one’s printed on awnings, banners, or hanging plaques. Poles Pylons and monuments can be entirely used by one tenant or shared by many depending on your location.

It’s not always easy to know your options when you pick your location, so when your business needs signage, call the experts at Premier Signs of Tampa at 813-914-7006. Let us advise you as to the best types of signage, and the installation processes involved, to get the most out of your unique property. There are so many variables but also so many opportunities that we can open your eyes to because of our experience. Tap into our knowledge, and get the information you need to have your signage a great investment. Send email inquiries to: info@premiersignsfl.com.