Blank walls can make an area look bigger, but a blank wall in your business can be a missed opportunity.  Just the right office sign can make a big splash when installed in the right place. Business reception area signs in Tampa, Florida like the new one at Bayway Dental, are great examples of choosing a prime position to display an indoor logo sign. Their sign is made of acrylic letters and a signature double curve. The font is simple lowercase lettering in two colors, but the impact is huge. What was a very empty wall in the office area, is now a colorful greeting and business brand identifier.

7 Oaks Pet Hospital also took advantage of their blank interior wall to display their brand new lobby sign. Their sign is made of dimensional acrylic lettering and artwork attached to the front of a clear acrylic panel. It gives that 3D look especially since it was mounted using wall stand-offs. Once again it is a simple design, but a very clever one that incorporated animal outlines surrounding their name.

Acrylic signs are affordable and the options are immense. The color spectrum is enormous, the size range equally vast, and the fact that it can be precision cut makes pattern, font, and creativity virtually endless.  Generally being lightweight, using acrylic gives you many choices of installation techniques as well. Every installation, from flush mounting to hanging from ceiling grids, is available and only dictated by the size of your sign.

From simple designs and fonts to imaginative shapes and concepts, acrylic can do it all. Contact the expert sign designers at Premier Signs of Tampa to make a splash where an otherwise bare wall once stood. Call us today at 813- 914-7006 or email us at