Vinyl is the chameleon of sign materials. It comes in a vast array of colors and its size range is extensive. Vinyl can be used for large letters as well as small intricate designs. It comes in different finishes such as metallic, polished silver/gold, etched and even reflective vinyl. Like the chameleon, vinyl is at home on many different types of surfaces and blends well for a seamless look. Good for interior or exterior signs.

That is not to say that vinyl signs do not get noticed. The use of multi-colored vinyl pieces on one sign or window can grab the attention of potential customers as they pass by, like at the new Orange Phone location in Temple Terrace. At the same time, a full color graphic matching the logo of your company, (or the green and gold bull of USF) reassures clients that they have arrived at your location.

Doors and windows inside or out are popular surfaces for vinyl signs. While it comes in many colors, the most often used vinyl color, is white. White is used most often for basic window lettering outside an entry that includes standard information such as office hours, phone numbers and suite occupants. It is easy to read on clear or colored/tinted glass. White vinyl is a great contrasting color for striking, yet clear cut, images and lettering, on acrylics, metals, plexiglass and more.

. Most window sign applications are a single layer of vinyl, but there are applications that use more than one. One of Premier Signs of Tampa’s latest vinyl projects involved using two layers. Kopernik Global Investors of Tampa came to them with the task of recreating a dimensional look logo on their front doors. They accomplished this by first layering the etched vinyl main body of the logo to the front of the doors and a second darker smaller layer on back. This gave a shadowing effect and produced the dimension they were looking for. An added plus is the affordability of vinyl. This chameleon can imitate more expensive materials and applications, like this one, but remain economical for your business.

Another chameleon trait is, that as things change, such as company information, vinyl is removable and therefore able to adapt to changing tenants, special events or other information. This keeps costs down even on a permanent base sign like a monument with changing tenants.  Vinyl can also serve more than one purpose. One way in which this is done is by being a window sign but also a “wall”. This is  known as a window perf. Perfs provide privacy to your business as well as great marketing. Your customers inside of your business are still able to look out of the window, but customers and passing traffic cannot see inside. What they do see is your name, logo or any creative design you desire.

If you would like to embrace this friendly lizard for your next sign project, come to the experts at Premier Signs of Tampa or contact them by either calling 813-914-7006 or email inquiries to