Outdoor signs are an important part of a business location’s marketing and overall sign package. It is the cornerstone of your exterior presentation to your clients and would-be customers. The usual choice of monument materials alone (i.e. stone, brick, etc.)  establish a sense of permanence to your location and therefore a sense of dependability to your customers. It helps establish a trust that you plan to be in business for years to come and they can rely on your services in the future. The New Tampa Surgery Center and Ankle & Foot Associates monument signs are perfect examples.

Because of this, it is imperative that this sign is a quality, professional sign that reflects your business while being durable as well. The location of your outdoor monument sign will also dictate if it will be seen from more than one side and therefore need to be two-sided. A corner position or a front entryway are great places to install your monument for maximum exposure and identification. Your marketing exposure doubles or triples when placed street side.

When part of a main entrance, it is the first impression any new or prospective clients get of your company and their services. Your choice of materials for the monument base are varied, from cement and brick to  sandblasted sign foam attached to poles.Mosaic Monument  Sandblasted signs are also a beautiful alternative to a precision cut metal or acrylic face plate. All which can be placed atop the base or inserted within. Vinyl lettering atop acrylic is also a popular monument sign face and can be laminated for extra durability.

Exterior Monument signs can also serve multiple purposes when you include your street address or telephone number. It can also display multiple tenants, like Silberman Law and their tenant, or the multiple tenants at Bay Lake Center.

Tampa Bay businesses know how valuable this medium is and have chosen to make use of this important outdoor sign choice. Take inventory of the vast options available next time you are cruising Tampa’s streets or contact the experts at Premier Signs of Tampa to introduce you to the world of monument signs. Together you can create the custom monument sign that is just right for your business. Premier Signs can take your input and then design, fabricate and install your very own custom monument sign, the cornerstone to your outdoor marketing and branding. Premier can also help if your business is moving into a previously occupied space and you are hoping to reface an existing sign. The sky’s the limit and the options immense for an all inclusive indoor and outdoor sign package! Premier Signs is your one stop for all your exterior sign needs, all the way to your interior lobby signs, including directional and ADA signs. Call today to get started: 813-914-7006 or email at info@premiersignsfl.com.