When your business name doesn’t quite tell it like it is…install a combination sign!  Start with an LED backlit sign made from channel letters to display your name, big and bold on your outside wall. Channel letters come in various sizes, colors and text, so they are a perfect vehicle to make sure your name is customized to you . For example, Elite Body Cryotherapy’s large channel letters can be seen from a distance making identification easy.

Now your customers can easily find you, but without the additional can or cabinet sign, potential customers would not know the nature of this business. Tampa’s Elite business needed a two-part sign to distinguish them as a body cryotherapy business, so a cabinet sign was fabricated to connect by poles to the main sign’s raceway to relate this fact. These poles along with the raceway are painted to match the exterior building color so they fade into the background. When space is restricted, especially over an entrance, the ability to stack signs is key. This allows you to have larger text on each sign or a larger logo. Then both your main title sign and your tag line or business description can be distinct and well-defined. Elite also included a separate sign with a digitally printed logo. Clear, easily read signage is essential for getting the most of your outdoor marketing. LED lighting goes a step further and allows visibility of your exterior building sign through inclement weather and all hours of the day or night.

Channel letters can be used for outdoor or indoor signage. They are fabricated  from a very durable aluminum.  The precision tooling makes sharp edges and additional dimension, perfect for customizing your name or logo. Endless choices of fonts and logo designs can be PMS color-matched or come in many standard colors and metallic finishes. All of these characteristics produce a quality, colorful and attractive sign, beautiful enough to enhance any indoor lobby wall, that is at the same time impact resistant, fade resistant, and durable enough to make it a perfect choice for exterior building walls as well.

Stacking cabinet signs and channel letter signs are not the only way to have a combination sign.  Stacking is great for many locations, but more than one sign can also be combined side by side, or descending down a pole, or even from brackets. Combination signs are a way to give you more creative freedom for your signs, a unique way to display your name and logo, or a way to maximize your signs exposure outdoors. Here are some great examples from Premier Signs of Tampa:

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