Tampa’s Towne Center needed outdoor signs for their parking lot to warn and inform. The plaza grounds needed signage that was durable enough for outdoors and able to be installed on poles and fences. They choose aluminum signs with radius rounded corners that were then printed and laminated. These directional signs are required by the towing company they employed to ensure a professional message is conveyed to any potential violators.

Metal signs can be made in a variety of colors, both for the background and for the text, but theirs was printed with a blue background and white letters. Attached to the same post is another parking lot sign in white with black letters, hoping to ward off illegal dumping. More of these white aluminum signs were placed on fencing at the rear of the parking lot. Both signs made good use of contrasting letter and background colors for easy visibility. The texts are simple to ensure legibility, but could have been fanciful or of a more intricate design for another property owner’s need.  Outdoor metal signs like these are usually more purpose driven than many signs on business properties, but they can still be a good looking, professional additions while serving a need.

To give added protection, each sign was laminated. This helps to give extra weather protection and keep the letters clear and visible. The information on exterior property signs may vary, but their importance to each business owner is the same, so laminating is a great option. If outdoor signage is in your future, contact Premier Signs of Tampa for their suggestions and expertise. They can fabricate and install your signs in your parking lot, business or community outdoor areas, or on exterior walls and fences to fit a multitude of needs.

So, whether you are facing ongoing problems or hoping to avoid potential ones, call us today at 813-914-7006 or email us at info@premiersignsfl.com.