Every shape, size and number of poles are proudly displaying business signs throughout the Tampa Bay area.

From large warehouses to doctors offices, varied locations are using poles to attach their exterior business sign. Like a flag pole, it lifts their message, name or logo to an optimum height for visibility. Each location is unique and their needs vary. Poles, or pylons, give many locations the ability to be clear of obstructions( fences, trees, neighboring buildings) and therefore the ability to seen from a distance. This capability is a must for outdoor marketing.

Pylons are also a great way to  present additional messages or multiple business names. Many small business parks use pole signs because they enable each business to have their own exterior business sign while under one main title sign. This allows them individuality while maintaining a cohesive professional look when their patrons are locating them. Pylon signs are a popular sign medium for property owners for this very reason.

Signs for multi-tenant shopping centers are not the only time multiple signs may be used on one pylon. Individual tenants or property owners like this St. Petersburg, FL. church, get multiple sign usage of not only the sign itself, but the extra wide pylon as well.  Others choose to install a second or third sign to be used to hold additional information like a telephone number, added services, or even directional arrows. Don’t forget to install LED lighting, enhancing all your sign’s information and allows you to get the most effective 24/7 outdoor advertising possible.

Since location’s exterior signage is often dictated by codes, many of them dictating either height or size. The versatility of heights and widths of the poles give the business owner more flexibility.  Height restrictions are usually solved. While refacing an old existing pole sign usually takes care of size issues and is an economical solution as well for many businesses.

Other codes or restrictions may be ones hoping for consistency rather than imposing constraints. That is why flags or banners hung from poles are especially popular on school campuses and downtown areas. While colorful additions to these locations, they can be as individual or matching as mandated. Each banner could be one color bearing all the same message or logo, thus unifying the area quickly, or be individually unique with just one aspect uniting them. (a logo, border color, typeface, etc.) All options presenting varying degrees of unification.

No matter what your outdoor business signage needs, contact us at Premier Signs of Tampa to evaluate your location and explain the merits of exterior pole signs and the vast options they provide.

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