Kemperle auto paint, body & equipment refreshed its business location just like it does for its customers cars everyday, giving them something to be proud of. Starting with the exterior, Kemperle changed out their old monument sign face with a black aluminum one displaying precision cut letters and logo that are a metallic silver vinyl overlay. The result is stunning. The black background gives the sign substance and the silver graphics are a perfect contrast for visual impact.

Upon approach to the outside entrance, you clearly see the custom logo on the door window. Having the Kemperle logo sign there instantly tells the customer that these are the main entrance doors. On a side window panel vinyl is once again used but this time to display hours of operation. Vinyl is a great medium for giving directions, suite occupants and even seasonal greetings or special discounts because they are removable. Vinyl comes in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, colors, and text choices.

Once inside, you will see a sophisticated indoor wall sign that proudly bears their name. This interior lobby sign is made of black acrylic, cut to shape with a direct printed logo. The tri color acrylic sign gets added dimension by being mounted with stand-offs. The oval shape is emphasized with the stud mounts lifting it slightly off the wall rather than flush mounting.

There is continuity and consistency in the overall look to the business even though many different sign materials and installations were used. It is the repeated use of the same shapes, text style and color that give Kemperle the cohesive, professional look they wanted. Don’t be afraid to use several mediums when considering your indoor and outdoor signage needs. Interior reception area signs are our specialty!  Call Premier Signs of Tampa to enlighten you to all the sign material options available. We will also survey your business property’s interior and exterior for size and installation possibilities. Give your business the signage it deserves.

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