Sandblasting is not just for removing dirt or rust. Today, sandblasting is used to produce signs with a unique, dimensional, engraved look like the one just installed at Blue Grace Logistics in Riverview, Florida. Their two color logo and distinctive swish are on a white background with blue and black text and graphic. This new customized building sign gave their exterior entrance an upgraded, sleek, modern look fabricated just for them.

The sandblasted method gives you the opportunity to create just about any type of 3D sign. Sandblasted signs are a great interior or exterior selection since, They can be custom “carved” in virtually any shape or size, resulting in an aesthetically beautiful sign that can be as simple or as intricate that you desire. The finished product is visually stunning but remarkably durable so they are an excellent choice for interior or exterior walls. Lobby areas, entrance foyers, school gymnasiums, exterior building and driveway entrances all across Tampa Bay display examples of this high end looking sign selection. Sandblasted signs have substance and exude the sense of permanence that gives customers confidence that your business is here to stay. 

Consider this when choosing your next business sign, because your sign says so much more to your customers than just your name. Sandblasted signs innate versatility,( endless size, shape, color and durability), make it the perfect choice for any type of business. Therefore they tend to be as varied as the way in which they can be installed. From housing subdivisions to fire departments, schools, and doctor’s offices, sandblasted signs are everywhere. Their uniqueness doesn’t stop there, because they can be installed indoors or outdoors in various ways. Mounted on a wall, inset in a monument, attached to a pole, or hanging from brackets’ give you just a few of the installation methods.

Once installed, the depth and shadowing that sandblasting creates is even more evident, truly enhancing modern shapes, old world styles, kid-friendly, regal, or whimsical designs, This dimensional aspect is one of the most popular reasons Blue Grace Logistics and these Tampa businesses have chosen this type of sign .

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