Tampa Bay has a brand new pizza restaurant and it’s lighting up the skies! When opening up a new business, it’s essential to let people know you have arrived and are open for business. Precinct Pizza has that covered. They knew that they needed to let potential customers know exactly where they were located and they needed quality signage for that purpose. Precinct  chose aluminum halo lit channel letters. The custom letters were direct mounted with spacers to allow the LED lights to project back to give the halo effect. The owners requested the front to bea translucent yellow lit with white LED lights that show both day and night to coordinate with their logo colors. The vinyl covering is a great alternative to painting the front and gives versatility because of the ease in replacement. A metal divider was placed inside and the blue LEDs installed for the halo effect.

      Once they decided on this location, the owners went to work. Awnings and outdoor seating area, complete with plantings and trellis, accent the exterior look of the space. However, until the new sign was hung, it was not perfectly clear what this new establishment would be. Outdoor wall signage is your first and biggest advertising asset. Your sign directs customers to your door whether they are already in route after receiving another form of advertising or just a passerby who notices the sign. A professional, quality sign lets them know that you have invested in the location. It gives an outward sense of permanence and comfort to your potential customers. This means they are more willing to enter your doors and give your business a try. Don’t underestimate the power of your exterior signage especially when opening a new location. It produces valuable word of mouth advertising, just like Precinct’s sign that is creating excitement even before its doors are open for business.

    Having your signs halo lit ensures that your advertising works for you day and night. LED signs are cost and energy efficient. They shine brightly to help your sign to be seen from far away no matter what the weather conditions. The back lit halo effect goes a step further. It provides an additional dimensional effect that really adds to the aesthetics and creates a buzz because it’s more than just another lit sign. It gets noticed!

    When you are looking for a location for a new business, relocating an existing one, or needing an update, consider halo lit LED channel letters for your exterior building sign. The channel letters can be made in a vast array of sizes, font styles and colors. There are a variety of mounting methods available and your halo effect comes in a choice of LED light colors. Customizing is easy. Get the most out of your location and business investment with a sign that brings business to you!

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