Several Tampa area businesses reveal new aluminum signs to publicize their locations. The Kroslak Bakery Equipment Company needed to udpdate their signs and make the most of their outdoor signage to draw attention to their location. They chose a blue aluminum metal board that was covered with white vinyl letters and graphics. The aluminum sheet was custom cut to include their chef’s hat logo. The result is a beautiful custom double outdoor sign that enhances their exterior grounds while making full use of their location. Raised to a perfect height by being installed on three poles, the sign is able to attract attention from customers and passerbys from both directions. The contrast of the white vinyl on the blue metal makes their message easy to read and inviting. Exactly what they were hoping to achieve.

Three other Tampa businesses, Gill Law, Brandon’s Event Space and Elam Law are making use of the durable, but affordable metal medium for their sign.  This time they needed to replace a sign that was attached to an outdoor monument. Three businesses share one monument, so vinyl on aluminum is a perfect choice to effectively advertise each businesses on one surface. This polymetal material is sturdy and can come in many sizes, colors and custom cut to fit an existing space. Applying vinyl gives you even more possibilities for your signs. Vinyl comes in a vast array of font sizes and styles, and color choices as well as the ability to be precision cut to duplicate your logo. Or like in this case, custom signs can be printed on one sheet of vinyl, applied to the metal backboard and laminated.  These attributes resulted in a beautiful, yet professional sign that promotes all three businesses, while allowing each their individual, unique signage.

Whether your job is big or small, on a pole, wall, or monument, you may want to investigate vinyl on metal for your next sign project. It is perfect for permanent placement or light enough to move from property to property which is why it is a popular medium of many realtors and management companies. Bring your outdoor signage needs to us at Premier Signs of Tampa and learn more about aluminum, vinyl, and the many other material choices for your new custom signage.

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