Tampa Bay has a whole new world of options for transforming the look of the exterior of a vehicle and Premier Signs of Tampa is your expert! Not only have the selections of color, finish and materials been upgraded in the vehicle wrap field but installation tools are better. This has allowed the insurgence of more specialty films like matte black, diamondplate, carbon fiber, and color-changing (to name a few), in this fast growing market of custom paint job alternatives.

Why choose a vehicle wrap? If you are considering a custom paint job, need extra marketing for your business, or just want a change, without buying new, then let Premier Signs introduce you to this exciting product. Let’s start with the basic wish…..a new look for your car! img_8787

Don’t limit yourself to the standard paint colors offered at auto paint shops, the vehicle wrap “rainbow of solid colors” is far more extensive. And that’s just the beginning. The solid color wrap can give you a classy, eye-catching even stunning look from this amazing product. It contours effortlessly to the curves and recesses of your vehicle so that the film literally envelopes the vehicle like a second skin. The film comes in the very popular matte black, or beautiful choices in metallic too. Stripes, flames, or two-toned colors can also be easily added to your custom finish. The result is a brand new exterior look that is durable keeping the original finish from surface scratches and sun damage. This added bonus makes it very popular among those who lease cars too. At the end of the lease the wrap is simply removed and the finish has been preserved.img_0207img_8777

If you have been dreaming of a look that is a bit more individual or something to express your personality, then look no further. You can literally be as creative as your imagination will take you! Specialty films like color-changing, reflective, or auto-restyling might be what you are looking for. Perhaps you would like a portion or all of your vehicle to have a more textured look? Simply choose your color in diamond plate or carbon fiber! img_8784img_8790

These vehicle films are also used on company vehicles along with logos, slogans or whole body graphics. Simple designs can result in an uncluttered message in vibrant colors and choice of text fonts that can be an effective “moving” marketing advertisement . Over the top designs featuring dragons, team mascots, flowers, or foods are just as easily created and wrapped across a vehicle, with a completely different outcome. They are larger-than-life graphics that set your business apart from your competition. They are visually interesting and usually evoke a response from all who view it, causing a buzz for your business. Your vehicle, personal or business, should reflect you. It’s a new and exciting way to present the best you while traveling through your neighborhood and beyond.

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