Junior Achievement of Tampa Bay’s indoor city gives students a chance to run a town. Multiple levels of business and city government are recreated indoors allowing a city to come alive each time a new group of students enters. Setting the stage for this endeavor required the illusion of individual “exterior” buildings, each serving a different purpose. Premier Signs partnered with them to make this happen. ja-2

Some Businesses required a logo sign to be easily identified, while others such as hospitals and emergency sevices  exterior buildings needed to replicate the more official signage that cities use.

Varied materials such as acrylic, vinyl, PVC, Gemini letters, plexiglass and even vinyl coated aluminum have been used to imitate the sponsors signage for their store fronts.Use of custom wall murals created interior depth out of a flat interior wall surface. The feeling that a business was up and running behind the students encouraged the realism that they were a part of something bigger. Signs were attached to walls, suspended from the ceiling and affixed to free standing building facades to complete the feeling of a busy metropolis inside.ja-3 ja3

JA teaches students how to become better business leaders for our future, but many of us could take lessons from them now! Junior Achievement knows the importance of concise, quality exterior building signage even in a mock city. Their students, like your customers, have a limited amount of time to make decisions to complete their tasks. They not only have to make educated decisions that will allow their business to prosper, but get materials and services for their families and employees on a daily basis just like you. Quality exterior building signs help them identify the location of the business they need easily, and/or influence their decision when they have options from competing companies. It’s never to early or too late to learn how signs can help your company compete and prosper.

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