Your favorite channel may no longer be on your television when you see what channel letters, alone or in combination with a cabinet sign, can do for your business! Channel Lettering can make a big impact on the exterior and interior of your building, while remaining an affordable and realistic option. The Beacon sign consists of large acrylic letters color-matched and uses  both capitol and small case letters to match their existing logo. Channel letters can be made in acrylic or metal with many standard or PMS colors as well as countless finishes. Another advantage they offer is the ability to be laser-cut with precision, allowing vast choices in fonts and logo designs. Beacon took full advantage of this with the addition of their customized swoop above the letters, helping to give their sign a unique look.beacon channel & cabinet

The combining of the channel letters with the cabinet sign adds another dimension. This combo not only gives visual weight and importance to their name, but is also informational. The use of an underline message sign provides you with just that, the ability to clearly state the type of business you are or the service you provide. It can be an invaluable addition to the marketing value of your exterior sign, especially for a new venture or when the business name alone does not convey the product. LED lighting is another option to consider once you’ve got the right custom signage. It helps to continue your advertising presence day or night.fishJalapeno

Has a sign ever caught your eye but also made you wonder what it sold? It’s a marketing mistake that is second to lettering you can not read at a distance, or a too complicated logo that is illegible. Premier Signs of Tampa has helped many customers avoid these costly mistakes. Bring your existing logo or just a concept and we will help you to get just the right custom signs your company needs, taking into all the factors, from size and location to your budget!

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