KeiserBannerDo you have a large interior or exterior space that is begging to be put to good use? Need to make a huge impact that can be seen from a distance? Maybe you have a not so desirable wall or fence that can be transformed into an advertising work of art? What you are looking for just might be a custom colorful banner that draws attention to a product, event, or simply displays your logo and name and at the same time provides an aesthetic solution to your blank or unattractive view.

A variety of materials can be used to create your custom banner, depending on its interior or exterior placement. Vinyl, mesh or fabric may be used indoors both horizontally or vertically. They all come in an array of colors and flexibility to use virtually unlimited fonts and graphics. The Fabric banners like those we created for the Museum of Fine Arts in St. Petersburg, Florida, can actually reproduce a photo creating a beautiful work of art, that is big enough to be seen across the room. Perhaps your event (concert, exhibit, sporting or charity event) needs a backdrop? Banners, in large, are an economical way to cover a large space and fulfill many needs. Premier Signs of Tampa can help guide you to just the right material, size, and installation that best suits your needs and the space.van buren2MFA exterior entrance

Exterior spaces need to also consider weather conditions when choosing banner materials, but it does not limit your creativeness or the ability to have a custom piece on a large scale. This outward advertising expression can be made of mesh fabric that is “breathable” to help with wind. Extra grommets ensure a secure fastening to a fence or even the side of a building. Another exterior sign solution that a banner sign can provide is called a “toaster cover” for a pylon sign. This is when a banner is made to slip over an existing pylon sign giving a more cost effective choice than to replace the existing acrylic sign. This professional looking alternative is especially good for temporary locations or start up businesses.Digital toster cover

Florida’s landscape has been enhanced by Premier Signs of Tampa’s creation and installation of numerous banner signs. Come to us with your “problem” site or “big” idea and let us help you see all the possibilities that banner signs have to offer. Contact us by calling 813-914-7006, or emailing us: