Premier Signs had the pleasure of taking on a project of building a raceway mounted sign for the Jersey Mikes that just opened in Dunedin, FL.

From the font to different color options, Premier Signs has a number of different options for your raceway mounted sign, making it fully customizable.  

Raceway mounted signs lay on top of a long base box, so all the electrical content within the sign won’t be seen. The great thing about this is that the box that the sign is mounted on is painted the same color as the building. That way, you can’t even tell that the sign sits on the box. The base box that the sign is mounted on, also creates dimension.

For big businesses such as Jersey Mikes, it is very important that the colors in the sign are exactly the right colors of the Jersey Mikes brand. Our computers are able to generate the exact color based off of a coding system. So, your company doesn’t have to worry about the wrong color showing up on a sign.

We want to make your experience of buying and creating a raceway mounted sign quick and easy. From the design process all the way to installation, Premier Signs is committed to make your raceway mounted sign the best in town. Please call us at 813-914-7006 or email for more information!

Jersey Mikes Denedin