If you’re looking for any easy yet highly effective way to draw people into your business, a Raceway mounted sign is that way to go!

With Raceway mounted signs, there are many options. We have a variety of different colors of text to choose from as well as fonts. Depending on the location of the business, one might choose to order a smaller sign, whereas a bigger type of sign is available too.

Most recently, we helped create a sign for a local pizza shop. Pizza Toro came to us with an idea in mind, and we worked closely with them to come up with an overall product to fit their needs. It was very important to Pizza Toro that they have the exact colors of the Italian flag in their sign. After lots or color matching and review, we came up with the correct colors to incorporate into the sign.

Pizza Toro

As you might be able to tell, the sign sits off of the wall it is mounted to by a couple of inches. The reason behind this is usually so the box it sits on, can hold the wires needed for a lightning option in the sign. Most people prefer this option because it allows the business to be seen 24/7.

From the design process all the way to the installation, Premier Signs will be there every step of the way. Please give us a call at 813-914-7006 to get more information on Raceway mounted signs!