Recently, Premier Signs took on a big project with the Brandon Eye Clinic. The clinic was getting completely remodeled and new signs were needed to match the rest of the facility. After presenting the Brandon Eye Clinic with a few ideas, we came up with a universal slick and professional design for the ADA signs that would be mounted throughout the clinic. Below is a picture of some of the signs Premier Signs created.

Brandon eye restroom BRANDON EYE 1





The signs that we created are brushed aluminum which provides a professional look that looks great in an office building. Most people don’t realize that there are ADA standards that each business must comply with. However, when it comes to these ADA signs, we are able to create different variations of these signs to fit the look you desire. At Premier Signs, we are committed to making you a sign that looks appealing and professional.

 The photo below showcases a restroom sign hanging off the wall, as well as a standoff sign. We are able to mount these ADA signs onto a bracket to hang off the wall, mounting using standoffs or flat on the wall. Mounting an ADA signs using standoffs provides a 3-D type of look as the sign is off the wall a few inches. Mounting all depends on personal preference.

Brandon eye 2 restroom Brandon eye surgery Brandon eye surgery 2










From the design of the ADA Sign all the way to the installation of the sign, Premier Signs is here to help you make the best sign possible. Please don’t hesitate to call us at 813-914-7006 or email to get started on your own custom ADA sign.