Vehicle magnets are perfect for advertising your business on the go. Premier Signs offers magnets for cars, trucks and fleets that are extremely affordable and fully customizable.

We use high quality materials that are long lasting to protect your magnet from UV rays. Vehicle magnets are very versatile. No matter if you use your personal car for business or not, the magnet is easy to take off allowing you to transfer the magnet amongst many different vehicles. At Premier Signs, we fully customize magnets for your business need. We are committed to making the best magnet for you and your business.

In terms of customizing options, we have many sizes of magnets along with colors to choose from. We can include your business website, phone number or even address. Depending on the information you are trying to advertise to potential customers, we can help you create a magnet to help you get more business.

Please don’t hesitate to call us at 813-914-7006 or email us at for any questions you may have regarding vehicle magnets.

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