There are many events that you could use a special event banner for. Such as, community events, sporting events, school events, fairs/ festivals, parades, retail, weddings, golf tournaments, party’s and many more. Using a banner is perfect to promote your event or even to showcase sponsors. Premier Signs produces high- quality and customizable durable banners that are affordable.

Banners can be used indoors or outdoors. We have different materials to choose from such as a mesh banner. We can also use vinyl and digital to maximize the graphic on your special event banner. Depending on your budget, you have many options. From sizes to colors to custom designs, we have it all. Your special event banner could make all the difference at your event.

You might consider using a mesh banner in an outdoor setting because this type of banner material allows wind to pass through the graphic, making the banner usually last longer. A lot of schools use mesh banners on their fences for their athletic fields. A mesh banner can also create a barrier to create privacy. Some of the banners that we can make for special events include, mesh banners, pole banners, fence banners, digital and vinyl banners, hanging banners, and trade show banners.

Below is a gallery that showcases some of the special event banners we have completed.

Whatever your special event may be, let us help you design your banner to make a great impression on the event! Call us today with any questions at (813) 914-7006.