Three important things most people consider when ordering signage:

-Is the sign affordable?

-Can my sign be visible from the street?

-Will the sign be portable as well as durable?

We are happy to announce that an a-frame sign happens to match all of these needs. The great thing about A-frame signs is that they are visible. Customers will be able to see the sign, drawing them into the business. When considering the portable aspect, an A- frame signs can easily be folded up and brought in when your business is closed. The icing on the cake is the fact that A-frame signs are extremely affordable.

These signs can be used for sales, menus, information and so much more. What better way to attract traffic? With many customizing options, Premier Signs can make you’re A-frame sign stand out!

There are a few different options for the stand itself. You can choose form a metal frame, steel frame or even a plastic frame. Each of these frames allow you to place the A-frame sign outside and not have to worry about the weather ruining it.

Some of the features of an A-frame sign include, a sturdy construction, a folding hinge (allows easy setup), full color digital print, a carrying handle, the sign is weather proof and allows you to advertise on both sides of the sign (2 faces).

Premier Signs is a Visual Communications Company providing graphic design services, custom signs and digital prints / printing for all of your large format needs. Customer Service is our Top Priority. Looking for a sign company to handle your visual communication needs? Look no further! Our experienced staff will help with every aspect of your project. If an A-frame sign is what you’re considering for your business, please call us today at 813-914-7006 so we can help you design you’re A-frame sign today!