We were asked to help with a new project using removable aluminum adhesive.  When you talk about how signs can actually transform an environment, this school project might be the perfect example. We created custom designs with two schools, Booker T. Washington and Van Buren, both located in Tampa, FL.  From doing previous signage for both of these schools, we came up new creative designs to improve messaging to students.  The challenge was how to design and fabricate signage that is both appealing as well as gets the message across to the students at the school?  

 After thinking and coming up with proofs, we created signage for the staircases throughout the school. The pictures below showcase a before and after. You can really see how much of a difference is made by adding the aluminum adhesive to the front of the step.

 Van Buran before Van Buran small steps







Below is another example of aluminum adhesive used on school stairs. What better way to use unused space than to create a message that the kids will begin to remember as they travel up the stairs everyday. Booker T







You may be wondering how the aluminum adhesive works. This material is extremely durable. As a matter of fact, this material is the same material we use for floor graphics that we make as well. This material is made to be stepped on, and lasts a long time. When it comes to removing the graphic, it is a very easy process. Aluminum adhesive is able to be peeled away, leaving no damage to the surface it stuck to.  The adhesive is able to stick to a variety of surfaces. No matter if it’s wood, concrete, carpet, tile or even asphalt, an aluminum graphic could be the perfect way to showcase your message or brand.